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Nordic Houseboat Eco Wood 36m2 Nuevo por 109980 €

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Publicado: 30-11-21   Actualizado: 03-05-22
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Localización: Europa > Lithuania
Ciudad: Nieuwbouw
Código postal: Vestiging
Empresa: Scheepsmakelaardij Goliath Sneek 4
Operación: Nuevo
Marca: Nordic Houseboat
Modelo: Eco Wood 36m2
Precio: 109.980 €
Eslora: 12,00 m
Manga: 4,98 m
Calado: 0,40 m
Año de construcción: 2022
Combustible: Otros
Teléfono: (0)6 41 47 06 89

Environmentally friendly and sustainably built houseboat made of high quality materials.

Nordic Season is a Finnishdesign and originated from two professional companies that together have more than 20 years of knowledge in building boats combined with the technology and experience in building houses.

The houseboats are developed according to Finnish standards. Sturdy, sollid, good sailing and resistant to harsh winters. The Floats are made of Polyethene with a notch on the bottom for more grip on the water while sailing. The frame is built of aluminum making the houseboat easy and light to sail. The side boards (optional) make sailing a lot safer than standard houseboats of these dimensions.
The use of natural materials and beautiful Finnish wood gives this boat a warmth and coziness that you will not see anywhere else.

Also electrically powered and self-sufficient.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly production is paramount. The houseboats are produced from sustainable materials such as Finnish thermowood. A non-toxic natural product that lasts a very long time thanks to the water-based impregnation agents and on which a long warranty is given.

The Nordic Season houseboats are designed to meet the basic needs of a client with an optional sauna or storage room. It further consists of a fully equipped kitchen/bedroom and bathroom. The layout of the boat can be adapted to the needs of the client.
The boats can be ordered in different sizes, with or without sauna and many additional options. If you do not want a sauna, a large bedroom can be made attached to the living room.
18m2, 23m2 and 36m2.
The floats are made of Polythene and are indestructible.


This Houseboat Eco-Wood 36 m2 is recommended for four to six people.

Request detailed information via or (0031(0)641470689.)



Living space is 36 m2
Foredeck is 9 m2
Rear deck is 6,5 m2
Total area is 60 m2
The walls are insulated with 122 mm thickness, the floor 102 mm thickness, the roof 80 mm thickness
The windows are in aluminum frame.
In the standard version there is a steering console
Rear view camera
Hot water supply on gas.
Drinking water tank of 400 litres
Kitchenette with fridge and freezer compartment
The bathroom has a shower, sink and mirror

And many additional options on request


The room has a two-seater fold-out sofa bed in the same room with the kitchen and then two in size different bedrooms with in both rooms a double bed of 140 by 200. There is also a spacious bathroom with shower and toilet and washbasin. The sauna has a separate entrance from the outside.

Engine, electrics, water

Option 40,50,60,70 or 80 HP
With electric start and hydraulic

Price on request

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