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Vamos 32 Met Charterligplaats Nuevo por 110500 €

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Publicado: 09-02-24   Actualizado: 01-03-24
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Localización: Europa > Netherlands
Ciudad: Nieuwbouw
Código postal: Vestiging
Empresa: Scheepsmakelaardij Goliath Sneek 4
Operación: Nuevo
Marca: Vamos 32
Modelo: Met Charterligplaats
Precio: 110.500 €
Eslora: 9,00 m
Manga: 3,50 m
Calado: 0,50 m
Año de construcción: 2024
Combustible: Otros
Teléfono: (0)6 41 47 06 89

This boat is designed for rental with a berth with it in a beautiful area in Friesland

Super nice small affordable houseboat (Dutch construction) with fixed berth for rental and completely complete for this price (see specifications). Extremely suitable for a (private) investor who wants to recreate himself occasionally at a beautiful place in Friesland and otherwise wants to rent the boat the whole season. The rental will be arranged for you.
The harbor is beautifully situated on the water (Johan Friso Kanaal, the Geeuw between Stavoren, Warns, Koudum and Heeg. A very popular and sought after part of watery Friesland).
Order quickly and you can enjoy the boat and yield this summer! (Start of construction to delivery in the harbor is about 2 months)

We are happy to tell you more! Contact us at


Pe floats
Holding tank
Balance tank
Aluminum frame and cage construction on it ( everything visible from outside will be painted white)
Outside walls sandwich panel (in color) 60mm
Roof panels sandwich panel 100mm
Insulated floor 100mm with piping
Plastic window frames, sliding doors on terrace, door to rear, 1x fall window Bathroom, 1x fall window bedroom
Aluminum railing around terrace (white powder coating)
Steering position in railing on terrace
4 frogs
Deck finished with plastic Upm
Roof terrace 3000mm x 3500mm.
Aluminum stairs and fencing on terrace ( white powder coating)
Stairs to terrace will be placed on the terrace
Motor suspension is incorporated in the frame
Engine 6 hp with steering and fuel tank
4 fenders
4 x line 7 meters


Layout / contents
The boat is very compactly laid out with one bedroom, one bathroom and a living room with kitchen/combo and a sofa bed so you can easily sleep 4 people. And all can enjoy the beautiful roof terrace already included in the price.

Kitchenette 3 x 600mm below, and above 3x upper cabinet 600mm
Kitchen faucet
Socket on worktop
Bathroom size 2080mm x 110mm
Shower 110 x 800 mm with shower fittings
Hanging toilet
Sink with tap
In shower area and surround toilet / sink, Fibo (basic white) wall panels in color
Sleeping area 2080 x 2100 bed of 2000 x 1400mm
Cupboard storage and hanging next to it of 500 x 400mm. (No closet in layout with sofa bed)
With sofa bed layout there will be a closet next to the meter cupboard of 900 x 300mm.
Laminate (color in consultation).
Electric heating on the wall
Cupboard at back door in corner
Interior walls are the color 9010 white

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