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Kempala 1100 de Ocasión en onbekend por 37500 € - año 1977

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Publicado: 15-05-24   Actualizado: 14-06-24

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Localización: Europa > Netherlands
Ciudad: onbekend
Código postal: Vestiging
Vendedor: Empresa
Operación: de Ocasión
Nombre del barco:   Amadeus
Marca: Kempala
Modelo: 1100
Precio: 37.500 €
Eslora: 11,00 m
Manga: 3,00 m
Calado: 1,00 m
Año de construcción: 1977
Motor marca/modelo: Mitsubishi
Combustible: Gasóleo
Número de motores: 1
Potencia x motor: 42 cv
Teléfono: (0)6 25 02 89 90

Complete refit and very well maintained

This beautiful Kempala is spacious and well maintained, and has undergone a complete refit in recent years. A new 2016 engine with a new reverse gear, along with an all-new modern kitchen this year, are just some of the recent improvements. In addition, everything on board has been addressed, including completely new 230V wiring, re-trimmed walls, a new spray hood, and much more.

With its spacious interior, this vessel is ideal for day trips, but also great for longer stays thanks to its efficient layout. Thanks to its ideal dimensions, this ship is easy to maneuver, both domestically and abroad.

For more information, please contact our yacht broker Twan van der Burgt at +316-25028990


Spacious ship which has undergone a complete refit in recent years. A wonderful ship to have a lot of fun.

Brief summary of all modifications:

  • 2016 a new marinized Mitsubishi type S4L2 (42hp-3000tpm) with a TMC60 reversing clutch was installed.
  • 2017 supports were realized including davits
  • 2019 the entire 230V wiring has been renewed, and adapted to modern times
  • 2019 the ship has received a new spray hood
  • 2021, the painting of the boat in its entirety thoroughly addressed: stripped of all rust, and repainted, and the underwater ship with antifouling, including new window rubbers
  • 2021 inside the walls with Vilon upholstery
  • 2024 the ship received a total new modern kitchen

Berths: 3 fixed berths in aft cabin

Beautiful ship that is very efficiently laid out with a large beautiful new modern kitchen that was custom built this year. In addition, the ship has a spacious living room and the ship also has a large aft deck with a spray hood to enjoy sitting on with guests. Finally, the ship has a spacious master bedroom with three fixed berths and 1 berth on the couch in the living room.

Engine, electrics, water
Year: Splinter new
Cooling system: water cooled
Solar panel: 24 Volt

The engine is a marinized Mitsubishi type S4L2 (42hp-3000tpm)with a TMC60 gearbox. Newly installed in June 2016! Also, the boat is equipped with a bow thruster and the ship has always been in technical professional maintenance from 2014 at the company "Happy on Water" in Cuijk. Also equipped with a 24 volt solar panel.



In 2017, supports were realized for installing davits, which are also present.

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