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Summom Of Pefectien de Ocasión en Den Oever por 59500 € - año 1984

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Publicado: 29-11-21   Actualizado: 14-04-24

Anuncios del usuario
Localización: Europa > Netherlands
Ciudad: Den Oever
Código postal: Vestiging
Vendedor: Empresa
Operación: de Ocasión
Nombre del barco:   Gaia
Marca: Summom
Modelo: Of Pefectien
Precio: 59.500 €
Eslora: 12,80 m
Manga: 3,65 m
Calado: 1,95 m
Año de construcción: 1984
Motor marca/modelo: Bedford
Combustible: Gasóleo
Número de motores: 1
Potencia x motor: 140 cv
Teléfono: (0)6 16 49 41 88

Tough solid seaworthy sailing yacht from 1st owner

A super tough, solid and seaworthy sailing yacht.

The first owner had the ship designed in 1981 by Mr. H. Tingen, this was also his last design given the age of Mr. Tingen.

In 1981 Mr. Tingen got new insights for building S-shaped ships, these insights are incorporated in this ship.

In 1984 the ship was built by Compier shipyard in Woerden.

In 1990 the windows, railings, mast trunks, bollards, skin lead-throughs and steering position were fitted.

From 1990 to 1995 the masts were made.

In 2000 the carpentry started but due to circumstances this has yet to be completed.

The ship can still be completely furnished to your own taste, the bulkheads to divide the spaces are present.

Complete construction plans are available.

In 2020 the outside of the ship was professionally painted and anti-fouled.

The ship is considering the age still in new condition.

Windows: Hora
Cooker & fuel: Dikkenson

Spaces still to be divided.

Engine, electrics, water
Wind generator: Not connected
Water tank & material: 2x 300 litres
Waste water tank: Not connected

Second engine is used for deck wash, bilge pump and electricity.

Rig and sails
Mizzen: 9,5 m2
Genoa: 25 m2
Fenders, lines: 6 pieces
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