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Perla E-vision 42 Per Direct de Ocasión en PL por 399000 - año 2022

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Publicado: 07-03-23   Actualizado: 12-03-23

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Localización: Europa > Poland
Ciudad: PL
Código postal: Vestiging
Vendedor: Empresa
Operación: de Ocasión
Marca: Perla
Modelo: E-vision 42 Per Direct
Precio: 399.000
Eslora: 10,50 m
Manga: 4,00 m
Calado: 0,50 m
Año de construcción: 2022
Combustible: Otros
Teléfono: (0)6 41 47 06 89

Very luxurious Houseboat made of aluminum and complete with all luxury options for self-sufficient boating.

This Perla E-Vision houseboat is for sale immediately! She was built in 2022 and currently undergoing some additional improvements.
She is completely self-sufficient sailing with electric motors a complete package of solar panels, large capacity batteries and equipped with all the luxuries one could wish for.
This is a godsend. The boat is designed with almost every option offered by Perla. The new price for this boat with all the options on it now would be close to 600,000 euros.

The Perla E-Vision
houseboat was designed by the Perla Yacht Group, a modern Shipyard specializing in the production of luxury aluminum craft. Craftsmanship and quality is paramount and it only works with the best people including excellent and specialized welders.
Perla Yacht Group impressively enters the era of electromobility by using emission-free electric motors in its vessels. Several models of the Perla "Houseboat" are available from the Perla E-Vision line.
Perla catamaran e-vision is not a standard boat, but exudes a luxury and quality that can be seen and felt everywhere.
The futuristic shape of the boat is an eye-catcher!
You have to enter this boat yourself to get the feeling. For the enthusiast this is possible because she will most likely come to Scheepsmakelaardij Goliath in Sneek in April.

Characteristic for the construction is the strong aluminum structure of the hull and superstructure which is covered with Pearl yacht varnish.
The boat is environmentally friendly. Perla has designed its own Perla Energy Management System; an innovative on-board energy storage and management system that, in combination with a photovoltaic system, ensures self-sufficiency in energy and therefore makes the boat emission-free.

For detailed information about the Perla Yacht Group's way of working and building, please refer to the digital brochure. But for more information you can also contact Terry Bos +31 (0) 641470689 ; or Niels Schröder +31 (0)636115192


She has a spacious living room with a beautifully finished kitchen with an attached luxury bathroom and at the back a master bedroom with an outside view, lots of closet space and with a work area. See the photos and layout for a good impression. The bedroom can be modified if necessary.
A little more about the construction of the Perla houseboat:
Aluminum outer shell with thermal insulation, hull and supporting parts are made of seawater resistant aluminum alloy (5083).
The windows and exterior doors are made of highly insulating and separated aluminum profiles with glazing with a high thermal coefficient.
Available options on this boat:
Exterior doors with an additional glass plate for aluminum profiles, 3-sash opening bow exterior doors, Yacht exterior sheathing paint with the addition of XIRALLiC.


The spacious bedroom with standard office desk (desktop). The bed and wall coverings are made of Vinyl. The furniture is made of high quality laminate with wood structure giving the whole a very warm look. Large furniture cabinet with shelves; built-in LED lighting in the ceiling; mattress, beautiful decoration on the wall with backlighting; wooden bed with storage space; floor covering made of foam and high-pile carpet; power outlets and USB sockets; modern desk chair; Luminous panoramic window in ceiling and access to the rear terrace.
The bathroom consists of ceramic sink with hanging cabinet, toilet with macerator (sani-flow system); shower cladding of high quality laminate; glass shower cubicle with smoked glass, bathroom accessories, LED lighting, electric heating.
The kitchen in the living room has: Deck cladding of woven fabric, built-in LED lighting throughout the room; a kitchen top made of strong furniture board; kitchen interior with fancy round shapes that give the interior a luxurious, friendly, and warm character, made of high-quality laminate with a wood texture; 230 V sockets;
stainless steel sink with faucet; two-burner induction cooktop, refrigerator, range hood, kettle.
Living: 3-seater sofa finished with high-quality waterproof luxury yacht upholstery.
Fore and aft deck: Woven fabric deck upholstery; 4 bollards, Safety railings; Lighting at aft deck, illuminated starboard and port sides, folding swim ladder, front and aft deck door water drain.
Options chosen on this boat:
Connections: black water with pump
Bedroom and bathroom: Air conditioning with heating function.
The top of the sink is made of Corian
Floor covering: Flexiteek
Ceiling rain shower faucet
Package: Modern illuminated bed and wall coverings upholstered in linen fabric with upholstered panels, headboard with wall lights
TV 50 inch QLED 4K Samsung with installation and terrestrial antenna
Blum furniture hardware
Living and kitchen: Corian tabletop package
TV 65 inch QLED 4K Samsung with an automatic pull-out mechanism from the ceiling
Kitchen furniture with Blum fittings
Kitchen furniture based on Blum electrical and touch systems
Built-in microwave oven (operation depends on electrical package option)
Freestanding coffee maker (operation depends on the option of the electrical package)
Large built-in refrigerator with freezer (operation depending on the option of the electrical package)
HiFi package: Radio Fusion with 2 speakers
Flexiteek flooring

Engine, electrics, water
Hot water: 60 litre boiler
Water tank & material: with pump
Waste water tank: with pump

Available as an option with this boat:
Boating Package:
Drive Technology 22 kW package: 2 x 11 kW electric motor, outboard motor and a system that increases motor efficiency while reducing electricity demand; shore charge connection; charger; 20 kW energy storage with safe LiFePo4 batteries; double shifter; steering wheel / joystick.

Perla Energy Management System: Intelligent energy management system with 230V, 48V, 24V, 12V electrical system with 5000 Watt power with 20 kW energy storage. Preview of PV charging status, energy storage charge, energy consumption, grid status displayed on monitor.
Photovoltaic system with yacht panels with an output of 3.2 kW
2x additional energy storage with an output of 10 kW (Batteries)
Bow thruster with joystick


Navigation and electronics

Monitoring package: 3 cameras with a recorder - the possibility of viewing from a Smartphone
Perla Electronic Boat System. Electronic system for controlling components on a catamaran based on Siemens controllers with a 15-inch touch screen, computer and GPS. Management system for electrical and electronic devices on board. Intelligent management via industrial Siemens controllers. Online service package for 12 months.
Multifunction plotter Raymarine AXIOM 9 RV, MFD with REALVISION 3D, SONAR 600W, RV-100
Raymarine sonar for fish, structure and bottom identification
Wind sensor
Package 360 - proximity sensors around the Catamaran


Selected additional options on this boat:
Stainless steel anchor with automatic winch and remote control
Exterior package: Anchor light, Engine light, Navigation light, Bow LED, Sounder
Power cable from marina 230V
Rear bathing platform with HPL covering
Two seater outdoor sofa, with pockets in seat and armrest
2 x Outdoor seat with storage
Terrace package: Corian table and 2 patio chairs
Sound system for the bow terrace
Two 230V IP65 sockets, built into the pole structure
Deck covering: Flexiteek


Steel anchor, anchor rope
Fire extinguisher

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