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Solar Electrische Houseboat Catamaran Coche Standaard Nuevo por 160000 €

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Publicado: 29-11-21   Actualizado: 03-05-22
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Localización: Europa > France
Ciudad: Nieuwbouw
Código postal: Vestiging
Empresa: Scheepsmakelaardij Goliath Sneek 4
Operación: Nuevo
Marca: Solar Electrische Houseboat
Modelo: Catamaran Coche Standaard
Precio: 160.000 €
Eslora: 14,95 m
Manga: 4,00 m
Calado: 0,70 m
Año de construcción: 2022
Motor marca/modelo: ePropulsion
Combustible: Eléctrico
Número de motores: 2
Teléfono: (0)6 41 47 06 89

French river houseboat fully powered by solar energy. Durable and maintenance free and made of recyclable materials.

Fully solar powered Houseboat, River Catamaran with 0 percent emissions made from recyclable materials.
This is the first fully recyclable pleasure boat. The electric motor is powered by an onboard photovoltaic generator and provides quiet and affordable sailing.
Available in different sizes. This "Coche" standard is suitable for 2,4,6 persons to stay overnight and for 12 persons to sail.
Enjoy the silence and the feeling of being one with nature.
Interested? Please contact Frans van der Houwen ( or Terry Bos ( or 00.31.(0)641470689)



Hull shape: Catamaran
Steering system: steering control with 2 joysticks
Displacement: 11045 in laden condition
Ballast: maximum
CE-category: Light ship according to ISO 8666

The Catamaran hulls are made of Strongall (thick aluminum) Maintenance free!


The boat consists of 1 level with a gangway on the port side and a nice large front deck.
There are 2 double cabins with a corridor to the cabins.
There are two cabins with a total of 2x shower and 2x toilet.
Technical room.


Engine, electrics, water
Number of identical engines: 2x 6 kw electric motors
Control panel: EasySolar 3kVA & 5 kVA
Solar panel: 15 panels 300W (total 4,500 W)
Hot water: Gas water heater
Shorepower: Type IP 67 / IEC529

Electric motor comparable with 9,9 HP motor.
Daily sailing time is 3 to 4 hours depending on the sun hours.
And then the batteries are still 100% charged!
Maximum speed is about 5 km per hour.
Sailing time between 10.00 and 17.00 hours.
Do not sail if it rains or if the batteries are less than 50% charged.
The batteries and all the equipment are Victron brand, installed in an outdoor ventilated cabinet.


CE-standard: ISO 14946
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