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Vollenhovense Bol 9.75 de Ocasión en Zweden. Eind van dit jaar zal het schip in onze verkoophaven in Sneek liggen. por 0 € - año 1905

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Publicado: 26-05-23   Actualizado: 26-05-23

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Localización: Europa > Netherlands
Ciudad: Zweden. Eind van dit jaar zal het schip in onze verkoophaven in Sneek liggen.
Código postal: 8606 KB
Vendedor: Empresa
Operación: de Ocasión
Nombre del barco:   Dicke Deern
Marca: Vollenhovense Bol
Modelo: 9.75
Precio: 0 €
Eslora: 12,00 m
Manga: 4,20 m
Calado: 0,90 m
Año de construcción: 1905
Motor marca/modelo: Perkins
Combustible: Gasóleo
Número de motores: 1
Potencia x motor: 72 cv
Teléfono: +31 6 54 72 39 43

Beautiful classic Boeieraak with lots of space .

The Dicke Deern is for sale.

This steel bouieraak from 1905 has been in the possession of the same owner for more than 35 years,
This one has made long journeys with it, it is a real family ship very reliable with 7 berths.

The ship has of course hot and cold water through a boiler of 60 ltr in the kitchen and shower.

In the kitchen there is also a made-to-measure fridge.

The ship has a hull of riveted steel and the deck is also made of steel and very spacious.

The history of the barge is not outdated but a number in the barge may give more clarity.

The very spacious and cozy cockpit where you can relax with a large family, the baking chests are spacious and you can put a lot of stuff in it.

The Dicke Deern is very comfortable sailing ship, gaff, boom and mast are 20 years old and very well maintained.

Also the swords have been replaced.

In the saloon is a diesel heater with a separate tank of 150 ltr which is sufficient to heat the whole accommodation,

There is also a hot air heater, the piping runs through the ship but is not connected the diesel heater is spacious.

The diesel tank for the engine has a capacity of 500 ltr and the water tank is 1000 ltr, long trips with the Dicke Deern are then

Also no problem at all.

In the saloon there are 3 benches of which resp. 2 m and 1.80 m long, this is on the starboard side to port is another bench of 2 m.

In the skippers cabin is a cage of 2 m x 1.50 m, cupboards are under the bed and the gangways.

The front of the ship now has 3 beds.

The headroom is between 1.90 and 2 m.

The engine is a very reliable 1972 Perkins diesel, well maintained and very reliable.

Length over all 13.60 m, and over the stevens 12 m.

Come and have a look at this beautiful piece of history on the water.


Hot air heating present but not on closed, piping is through the ship.

Diesel heater present heated the whole ship.

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